About Global Distribution Centre Group of Companies in Russia

Quality in everything we do – it is not just a catchword used on the business cards and promotional materials. Each employee sees this phrase as a direct guidance for action.

Satisfaction of the client’s needs is the main priority for our employees. Recruitment of highly skilled experts allows us to solve engineering, developmental, designer and logistic tasks. The production complex is equipped with modern equipment, allowing us to produce packaging of various configurations, combine cardboard and plastic. Some of the projects implemented for our clients has no analogues on the domestic market. Such projects include, among others, work with biodegradable packaging DoEco built from cardboard and laminated with biodegradable film.

Logistics center with our own motor pool, competent managers and experience with food production allows us perform deliveries on a timely manner and in a right quantities, comply with the requirements for high quality packaging products, maintain competitive prices on the market.

Production and Distribution Group Global Distribution Center was incorporated for the purpose of performance of complex supply of food production businesses with packaging, packing materials and other consumable materials, including disposable clothes Lab+ and cleaning substances. 

Introduction of advanced solutions for packaging of food products and auxiliary solutions for food production into the Russian market considered as a priority line of business.

The GDC operates three production sites with different specializations: production of packing from cardboard and plastic, including manufacture of tray covers for confectionery and meat products, production of border tapes (ribbons) for cakes and pastries from the films of various thickness and manufacture of pastry bags.

Confectionery equipment produced on our own production site is bearing the trade mark Pasticciere. Part of the assortment of confectionary equipment is shipped from Europe. Distribution Department is working only with the best world suppliers of consumables for confectioners, catering and cleaning products. Distribution department employees  analyze regularly world and domestic market in search of new packaging solutions for food.

One of the new lines of business is design of packaging.

On the competitive market manufacturers of the food industry facing problems with new packaging for the products which would be attractive for a consumer. Market is flooded with standard packaging solutions. Introduction of new structures for the rare exception is practically absent. Usually the search for new packaging solutions is performed by producers of food products themselves.

GDC offers its clients to use services for the development of packaging individually for the client’s needs. The specialists of the Design and Construction Department will not only help to create a unique design specifically for a product, but also develop a selling package appearance.

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